So my excellent friend on the other side of the world called Liz told me about this really beautiful idea called 100 Happy Days… Check it out!

The idea is that you find one thing every day that makes you happy, for 100 days, so you see more beautiful things around you and in your life.


I have installed an Instagram app on my site here, so you can follow my 100 happy days, if you’re fancy.

Remember City of Lost Souls?

I just got an iPad for sketching, and trying to figure out why I didn’t get one earlier!! I miss my Shoop de Doop days, doing COLS comics about any song that got stuck in my head. Tammy, Dan and I recent.y had to bid farewell to our beloved City of Lost Souls, in the hope of a possible resurrection and a different address. Maybe here? Watch THIS space.
So here’s a quickie I did yesterday. CAN’T get this song by The Killers out of my head! Don’t let her stick it to your heart so hard.

Just Another Girl by The Killers

Remember Rusty and Mango?

Those loveable little fish? Remember? Rusty was trying to find what was outside his tank?

What do you mean you don’t?! It was only… ah… erm.. many years ago.

Well well well, here’s some good news. Rusty and Mango are coming back! I’m on a mission to finish the story, picking it up where I left off and hopefully making some improvements on the way. I will be posting up the pages again in case you have forgotten them (I forgive you). Check out the CRAZY merchandise you can buy with those loveable rogues. And here is a little reminder of what the heck I’m going on about.


Work in Progress

I am currently working on an image that popped into my brain one day and decided to show an image while it is still in progress.

Work In Progress[Modelled in 3DS Max]

Whilst writing this title, I thought it might be a good title for the image, which depicts the hard-working cogs inside that power the pretty lights outside. You can take the metaphors you want out of this; the hard workers not getting credited for their work (ahem, VFX), or the poor struggling at the bottom to keep the wealthy looking glamorous and beautiful above. A bit like the Titanic!

But really, I think I just like cogs. And metal. And my name.

So… I have to finish this now.


R.I.P my eyesight

My eyesight finally gave up the struggle and decided to hand in the towel… It went crawling to the opticians for a helping hand. Oh dearest eyes, we had a good run didn’t we?

Who knew finding a pair of glasses could be so difficult? (Every single person who wears glasses, you say?) It was tough. I tried on a thousand million pairs that looked pretty much the same to me.

Come on, they all sort of look the same!

I snapped all these photos and more, while in the shops. I had gone by myself and couldn’t decide on a pair. Eventually I did decide on one.


Not these


There we go! Aaahhhhh, aaaaand we can relax. I do feel like I’m incognito though. I mean, has there ever been a better time to get a moustache?


Birthday Blue


It was my birthday yesterday! And what a beautiful time I had, half the day lying lazily in bed, the other half drinking with my friends. I feel like a lucky girl.

I made a cake to take into my office, as I’ve been told it’s traditional to do that on your birthday. I decided to bake a lemon cake, and decorate it blue.

Then I decided to put glitter on top. Basically I made a cake that 13 year-old Chelle would have loved. This got me wondering why we feel we need to act our age. It also got me wondering why we don’t eat more blue food.

The cake was eaten up, I turned another year older, the last year of my 20′s, and I decided not to try and act my age. When you approach 30 a lot of people discuss the pressures and expectations that suddenly appear at this ripe old age. So I decided, sod that! Put glitter in your food, why not? If you act as crazy as you want, one day, if you’re lucky, you will actually be OLD, old enough for the craziness to become acceptable again.

This is not a meaningful post, just a big old hands-in-the-air celebration of being forever young. Woooohhoooooo! The only thing blue about my birthday this year was the cake.

*laughs hysterically, throws shoes into the air and runs away maniacilly*

Christmas Colours

Well, Christmas has come and gone, I am back living in London, and I haven’t posted in a while. Hello!

I got an i-phone 4s at Christmas, and have been exploring the photography possibilities of it’s beautiful camera. This was my main reason for choosing an i-phone over all the other smart phone choices; to have an HD quality camera on me at all times. How exciting!

What I have also been late-in-the-game with is this Instagram app… I am loving the quick quirky effects you can get with just a few taps!

Here are some Christmassy colours I have for now. Ho ho ho!




One Left!

This is a Work In Progress Illustration I am working on, that I am trying to make purely 3d modelled with 3DS Max and rendered with Vray.

I love cakes, and the main challenge is making delicious food look delicious. Also, the hair needs to be modelled differently, yes yes, much to do still.

To be continued!

Society Animated


I have been experimenting with animated gif comics using After Effects.

Here is one I made for City of Lost Souls !